National Publication Links

Links to each National Evaluation Units publication of results' page


Organization NameOrg. codeCountryLink
Agricultural Data Centre LDC Latvia Link not supplied by the national evaluation unit
AIPL - USDA CDCB United States

calving ease:

other traits:

Asociación Criadores de Holando Argentino ACHA Argentina Link not supplied by the national evaluation unit
Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme ADHIS Australia
Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture, Institute of Animal Breeding LFL Germany (click on Bullendatenbank)

Canadian Dairy Network CDN Canada
Central Agricultural Office MGSZH Hungary

Confederation of Spanish Holstein Associations CONAFE Spain

GES Netherlands+Flanders GES Netherlands

Croatian Agricultural Agency HPA Croatia

Czech Moravian Breeders' Corporation PLEMDAT Czech Republic

Estonian Animal Recording Centre ARC Estonia
Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech - Animal Breeding and Genetics group GEMBLOUX Belgium
GENO GENO Norway Link not supplied by the national evaluation unit
Holstein Association - Switzerland HACHE Switzerland

in French:

in German:

Holstein Association, USA HAUSA United States
Institut de l'Elevage INRA France
Instituto Nacional de Investigacion Agropecuaria INIA Uruguay

Irish Cattle Breeding Federation ICBF Ireland

Israeli Cattle Breeders' Association ICBA Israel excel file available under "breeding & management"

Italian Brown Cattle Breeder's Association ANARB Italy

Italian Simmental Fleckvieh Breeder's Association ANAPRI Italy Link not supplied by the national evaluation unit
Korean National Institute of Animal Science NIAS Korea, Republic of Link not supplied by the national evaluation unit
Dairy NewZealand DNZ New Zealand
Ministry of Agricolture LIETUVA Lithuania
National Association of Holstein Breeders ANAFI Italy
National Institute of Animal Production NIAP Poland
National Livestock Breeding Centre NLBC Japan

NAV NAV Denmark

Qualitas AG QUALITAS Switzerland



SA Studbook SASB South Africa
Scottish Agricultural College SAC United Kingdom
The Breeding Services of the Slovak Republic PSSR Slovakia

United Data Systems VIT Germany
University of Ljubljana, Zootechnical department BFRO Slovenia
ZuchtData EDV-Dienstleistungen GmbH ZUCHTDATA Austria




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